Lotus with DJ Eleven tonight.

I’m doing an early set opening for Eleven tonight. If you don’t know DJ Eleven yet, punch yourself in the face, then stop by Turntable Lab and pick up one of his mixtapes – he’s nice with it. And if you don’t know me yet, maybe you will after tonight.

More reviews of the album are still coming in. Some props for Ryan:

“Turns out, hip hop’s not dead. O’Neil solidifies this conclusion on the album’s final track, the red-hot ‘100 MCs.’ The Bandit discusses the magnetic draw that inspired him to rap, eventually leading to this – a smart, varied, and exciting album that should prevent anyone else from pursuing the genre’s big question.”Glorious Noise

Another feature and interview by a UK site:

“The beats sound modern, but with a major nod to that early/mid 90’s feel. I can’t front, it’s just tight. This isn’t an LP of a few standout tracks with a load of filler, it’s an album of complete consistency, back to front.”Urban Species

Guess who else decided our shit was worth featuring…

100dBs & Ryan-O'Neil at Okayplayer.com

“They don’t pretend to be Native Tongues or try to imitate the output of D.I.T.C., but they come off like the logical antecedent of those artists, as if the lineage from one to the other has remained unbroken by the last 10 years of capitalist confusion, or at least as if the reigns of those artists had continued uninterrupted.”Okayplayer

I’m off to Germany next week. Holla at a playa when you see him in the Berlin streets.

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