5 X 5 = 25

Today is my birthday. I think my 25th will be excellent. Five is my favorite number, and 25 is just two fives doing the damn thing. For all my friends in the know:

100dBs' 25th Birthday Party

Saturday, November 22nd – Drum Attix Headquarters – Brooklyn, NY

Some props for Brenner’s Breaks Volume 2 I forgot to post earlier:

“The big surprise is a minimal, ‘Funky Drummer’-looping remix of ‘Where Da Cash At,’ which will murder car systems with its monstrous bass bump.”Okayplayer

Also, the message board is now fully functional and ready to use. Go there now and say hi!

Finally, I added a brand new music player to the site. See the link in the upper right corner? Click to launch the player in a separate window. Within the player itself you can listen to my whole catalog for free and continue to browse the site without interruptions! Kind of fly, if I do say so myself.

PS – Drum Attix Records will be launched in 2009.

Return to the Island

Hello rudebwoys and girls.

This Saturday is the final event in Theory’s Soundclash series: nothing but Jamaican riddims. I want to see gunfingers in the air, some dutty wining, and we’re shooting for approximately four billion rewinds (though that’s just a rough estimate). Come party with choons provided by yours truly, flanked by Iron Lyon and Ryan-O’Neil.

Soundclash: Return to the Island

Saturday, September 13th – The Leopard Lounge – 85 2nd Ave, NY
– No Cover

As promised, here is the winning entry of the Brenner’s Breaks remix contest:

Long Island and Jersey (Remix)
by Philly’s own Small Professor. Really nice work, and totally different from the original.

Scribble Jam

If you love hip hop and you’re in NYC tonight, I want to see you at the Scribble Jam preliminaries (I’m judging the producer battles). Where else will you get to witness me hate on beats publicly? In a place that matters, I mean:

Scribble Jam Preliminaries in NYC

Tuesday, August 26th – The Knitting Factory – 74 Leonard St, NY
– $10

In other news, the Brenner’s Breaks 2 release party was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who threw down cash for a copy or bought one online. Congratulations to Small Pro for winning the remix contest… the winning entry will be posted soon.

Brenner’s Breaks 2 Released

It’s finally available: the second installment of Brenner’s Breaks. Listen to samples in the new player or just go right to the download page. There is a very limited quantity of pressed copies in existence. The first 10 people to buy the download will get one. Other than that, your only chance to cop one is at the release party, and once they’re gone it’s for good.

Brenner's Breaks Volume 2

If you’re in NYC tonight, I hope to see you at the release party. See below for details.

It’s coming.

This Friday, Brenner’s Breaks 2 will be up for download and for sale at the release party. Peep a short preview
and get ready.

Til then, I’m teaming up with Kevin Nottingham to host this remix contest. Download the original
and acapella
of “Long Island And Jersey” (featuring Sirah and Hicoup) and then post your reworkings on the message board. Use a file host like zshare to upload your mp3, then post a link to it here. First prize will be a package including limited edition copies of Brenner’s Breaks 1 + 2 and the Scott Free Soul Mix, along with your remix posted on the website! The deadline for submissions is August 17th.

Brenner's Breaks Volume 2 Release Party

Friday, August 8th – The Leopard Lounge – 85 2nd Ave, NY
– No Cover

Dubplate Business

I’m a little late for the first one (been busy preparing Brenner’s Breaks 2), but Theory Events is doing a Soundclash series this summer, and shit is serious. The concept is simple: DJs going head to head and mixing unheard gems with the standards. Come see us again in August and September:

Theory Soundclash

Saturday, August 16th and Saturday, September 13th – The Leopard Lounge – 85 2nd Ave, NY
– No Cover

Recently, Fact Magazine did an interview with LA noise punks No Age and included a remix I did of “Sun Spots” (scroll all the way down). It’s quite soft and probably best on headphones.

One last thing: Brenner’s Breaks 2 will be out August 8th. A handful have been pressed and the first few orders will get some special bonus material, but the album itself will be available only online here. Check back on the 8th to buy it!

God damn, it’s hot in NYC.

I didn’t sleep much last night, the heat was killer. Finally, the summer is truly here. I’ve got a brand new soul mix for you all, and it’s for charity. Don’t worry, it’s still free for download:

Scott Free Soul Mix

Tonight, I’m spinning for the Slackers again between sets at Slackfest. Expect nothing but the finest in ska, rocksteady, and reggae. Doors are at 7pm.

Slackfest 2008

Saturday, June 7 – Irving Plaza – 17 Irving Pl, NY
– $20.50

Not everyone can be prom king.

But you can make up for your awkward teenage years this Friday if you’re in New York:

Theory Prom 2008

Saturday, May 31st – Sin Sin & The Leopard Lounge – 85 2nd Ave, NY
– No Cover

This is stacked. I’ll be spinning alongside It’s Overture, DJ Scallywag, Mr. Torch, Sir-Real, and Ryan-O’Neil (yes, you read that correctly). Voidstar Runner will be providing soundmurderation in the form of a live electronic set. Shit is ridiculous. Actually, I used to do live sets with synths + drum machines but it’s way more work than it looks like. I’m kind of a studio cat, and just trying to keep a rack of equipment from doing weird shit live is a nightmare.

Back to the point: dress is East Village Black Tie which probably means I’m wearing a wifebeater with a sportcoat over it. You can decide for yourself, boys and girls. Photos and artwork curated by Meg Rorison will be on display. And let me just spell it out again for those of you who missed it the first time: The One Hand Bandit is going to be on the wheels of steel. See you there.

50 shots not murder?

I was so disappointed by the verdict in the Sean Bell case (announced Friday) that I decided to piece together this mix with Ryan over the weekend:

50 Shots Mix feat. Ryan-O'Neil

Please don’t underestimate the seriousness of this situation. Police officers must be held accountable just like the rest of us.

Ganja Tunes

Those of you who have known me for a while are well aware that my first love is reggae, not rap. A bunch of you have asked why I haven’t done a reggae mix yet. Now you can stop asking:

Ganja Tunes Mix

Cool out on Sunday afternoon and goddamnit, turn up the bass.