Party Sauce

We’re doing it again this Saturday. Hip hop, reggae dancehall, and party jams. Original, I know. But we’re really good at it. Me, Scallywag and DJ Far East. Come early, it’s Scallywag’s birthday:

Drum Attix & Theory Events present Party Sauce

Saturday, February 21 – The Leopard Lounge – 85 2nd Ave, NY
– No Cover

Back in Brooklyn.

Los Angeles street

My trip to California was incredible. Ten days later, I feel refreshed and ready to take on 2009. While I really didn’t have much of a chance to relax, I feel like so much got done that I’m in a rhythm now.

Sirah writing for her new EP with 100dBs

First of all, thanks to Sirah for letting me crash at her place while we were working on this new project. She is a true professional and we got the whole project done in five days.

Lake Arrowhead

After that, I had to get from Hollywood to Anaheim and the public transportation in LA is garbage. So I rented a car and took it to Lake Arrowhead. By the time I got up the mountain, snow was all around me and I could see the heat from the valley below. That part of California (just past San Bernardino) is really beautiful.

Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead

Eventually the GPS system in the car became useless because I was in some mountain town, and they put a curse on me or whatever. The sun was setting, so I decided it was time to head down the mountain and back towards the city.

100dBs & Craig Reeves at the Stanton booth

NAMM was more fun than usual this year. Stanton was on hand to help us demo their new DJ controller with FL Studio and Deckadance. They’re still fine tuning the controller mappings for different software, but the controller itself is an amazing piece of hardware. So far, it’s the realest non-vinyl controller I’ve tried. I don’t know why all these companies are betting that DJs will want to use non-motorized platters to mix.

FL Studio booth at NAMM 2009

After four straight days of showing people how to produce in FL Studio and four straight nights of business dinners, I was tired as hell. Now I’m back home and ready to start showing you guys all the talented heads in the Drum Attix crew. The first step is bringing Party Sauce back to the Lower East Side this weekend. DJ Scallywag and I are hosting It’s Overture for the relaunch party:

Drum Attix & Theory Events present Party Sauce

Saturday, January 24 – The Leopard Lounge – 85 2nd Ave, NY
– No Cover


Five days ago I was picked up at LAX airport by the one and only Sirah.


Five days later we had a five song EP. I just got back from the studio with her, laying down the final vocals and doing a bit of mixing, and I’m seriously exhausted. Trust me when I say that she is one of the dopest MCs out right now. You may remember her from her appearance on Brenner’s Breaks Volume 2 last year.


Here’s the backstory: a few months ago I was asked by the guys at FL Studio to demo the software with them at NAMM again. For those of you who might not know, NAMM is basically a convention for music industry whores (the ones who make instruments, not the ones who make CDs) to show off their latest products and generate interest and sales. It’s also a great place to meet a lot of talented people, if you can sift through the douchebags. Believe me, it’s difficult.

Long story short, I figured if my flight was already taken care of I’d go to Los Angeles a bit early and make some music – so I called Sirah and told her to get ready. It was a real pleasure working with her on this EP, which will be released on Drum Attix later this year.

Amoeba Music

That’s not to say it’s all work and no play out here. I definitely dropped a decent chunk of change on records at Amoeba. That place is huge!


Tomorrow I’m renting a car to swing by Lake Arrowhead (one of the supposed locations of Brian Wilson’s life-changing acid trips) and then heading to Anaheim for the convention. I’ll be posting photos and stories here, so check back this week. In the meantime, check Sirah out and witness the realness.