Turkey Day is coming.

Fact: Alex Decibels has a posse. Saturday night was wild. Thanks to all the College Park kids who came out to celebrate. I ended up driving back to Baltimore at 5 in the morning.

Hey, Stereogum finally noticed the Aphex Twin Mashups:

“Since it seems to be the theme (and meme) of the day, we’d be remiss not to point out Harder, Better, Faster, Self-Employed but our favorite’s Touch It While Pissed Up for its schizo mix of old- and new-school vocal cadences. The title doesn’t hurt either.”Stereogum

Dust off those Cosby sweaters for Thanksgiving weekend. If you’re stuck in the city, at least you can party in style:

80s Homecoming

Saturday, November 24 – China1 – 50 Ave B, NY
– No Cover

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