Tea & Spliffs coming soon

It’s hard to believe it’s been half a decade since Ryan-O’Neil and I self-released our debut album, The Adventures of The One Hand Bandit and The Slum Computer Wizard. It’s equally hard to believe that we decided on such a long title for our first release. That album also clocked in at over an hour of music, a sprawling endeavor for a hip hop album without a ton of skits or bonus material.

This time, we wanted to keep everything short and sweet. On November 27th, we’re releasing our second collaborative effort, titled Tea & Spliffs.

Tea & Spliffs

The first single just dropped, and it’s called “Wait a Minute.” It’s a song about trends, and youth adhering to mob mentality instead of individuality. The video is being edited at the moment and likely will be ready for the album release date, but for now you can check the tune on DJ Booth and preorder Tea & Spliffs on iTunes.

This album is being released on HiPNOTT Records by Kevin Nottingham, and we hope to have a wider reach this time, with his assistance. We know that five years is a long gap, and if you’re still checking for us, we think you’re gonna like this one even better than the first. Thanks for your support!

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